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Simple Routing Example with Neo4j

This is a small routing example, populating a Neo4j node space with a couple of towns using the Yahoo! geocoding service, and then doing a A* routing on it.


Java, JRuby and the JRuby Neo4j wrapper has to be installed, see:


myComputer$ rm -rf tmp/ && jruby route.rb

and you should get something like

Waypoint, New York, lon=-74.007124, lat=40.714550 Waypoint, Kansas City, lon=-94.626824, lat=39.113380 Waypoint, Santa Fe, lon=-105.937406, lat=35.691543 Waypoint, Seattle, lon=-122.329439, lat=47.603560 Waypoint, San Francisco, lon=-122.420139, lat=37.779600 New York Kansas City Santa Fe San Francisco

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