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Neo4j GraphQL

GraphQL Integrations and Tools for the Neo4j Graph Database

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  1. neo4j-graphql-js Public archive

    NOTE: This project is no longer actively maintained. Please consider using the official Neo4j GraphQL Library (linked in README).

    JavaScript 614 156

  2. Pure JVM translation for GraphQL queries and mutations to Neo4j's Cypher

    Kotlin 88 33

  3. GraphQL bindings for Neo4j, generates and runs Cypher

    Kotlin 441 74

  4. Deploy a Neo4j backed GraphQL API based on your GraphQL schema

    JavaScript 62 4

  5. Graphiql, the in-browser IDE for working with GraphQL APIs, available for any GraphQL endpoint.

    JavaScript 4

  6. Simple React frontend for movies and movie recommendations for neo4j-graphql

    JavaScript 13 2