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Releases: neo4j-labs/neodash


13 May 12:19
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NeoDash 2.4.8

This is a minor release containing an important fix and other minor fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where loading a dashboard would reset parameters to null (887).
  • Fix relationship width parameter for Graph report (889).

Thanks to all the contributors for this release:

NeoDash 2.4.7

07 May 14:01
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This is a minor release containing a few critical fixes and general code quality improvements:

  • Fix multiple parameter select (881).
  • Fix parameter casting error when loading dashboards(874).
  • Fix the fraud demo in the Example Gallery.

Thanks to all the contributors for this release:


26 Apr 10:48
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NeoDash 2.4.6

This is a minor release containing a few critical fixes and some extra style customizations:

  • Fix bad text wrapping for arrays in tables (868).
  • Make wrapping in table optional, disabled by default (872).
  • Fixed issues where cross database dashboard sharing always reverted back to the default database (873).
  • Added option to define style config using environment variables for the Docker image (876).


06 Mar 11:58
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NeoDash 2.4.4

This is a hotfix release fixing some breaking issues in the 2.4.3:

  • Fixed number parsing using newer versions of the Neo4j driver. 811
  • Reverted new connection handler for auto-renewed SSO sessions. 815
  • Improved handling of parameters in form extension, resolved local state issues. 813
  • Updated Role management extension to no longer execute queries in parallel, improved UX and error handling 813

If you are currently using NeoDash version 2.4.3, we recommend updating as soon as possible.


28 Feb 16:33
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NeoDash 2.4.3

This release contains several improvements and additions to multi-dashboard management, as well as a bug fixes and a variety of quality-of-life improvements:

Dashboard management and access control:

  • Added a UI for handling dashboard access using RBAC, as well as a new extension to simply access control.
  • Added button to sidebar to refresh the list of dashboards saved in the database.
  • Improved handling and detection of draft dashboards in the dashboard sidebar.

Other improvements:

  • Changed CSV export functionality for tables to use UTF-8 format.
  • Various improvements / fixes to the documentation to include new images, and up-to-date functionality.
  • Added logic for handling refresh tokens when connected to NeoDash via SSO.
  • Incorporated tooltips for bar charts with and without custom labels.

Bug fixes and testing:

  • Implemented bug fixes on type casting for numeric parameter selectors.
  • Fixed issue with report actions not functioning properly on node click events.
  • Extended test suite with Cypress tests for advanced settings in the bar chart.

Thanks to all the contributors for this release:


12 Jan 15:10
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NeoDash 2.4.2

This is a release with a large amount of quality of life improvements, as well as some new features:

  • Visualize graphs in 3D with the new 3D graph report. #737
  • Improved dashboard management sidebar and handling of drafts. #734
  • Added parameter select setting for autopopulating first selector value. #746
  • Improved UX for editing page names & dashboard titles. #743
  • Unified common settings for each report type. #724
  • Title of the browser tab NeoDash runs on is now automatically set to the dashboard name. #708
  • Fixed issue where invisible table columns were not handled correctly. #695
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, style improvements & stability fixes. #744


07 Dec 14:15
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NeoDash 2.4.1

This is a patch release following 2.4.0. It contains several new features for self-hosted (standalone) NeoDash deployments, as well as a variety of UX improvements for dashboard editors.


  • Improvements to customizability of the bar chart (styling, legend customization, report actions). #689
  • Improved dashboard settings interface, fixed alignment for table download button. #729
  • Adjusted ordering of suggested labels/properties for parameter selectors. #728
  • Better handling of date parameters when saving/loading dashboards. #727
  • Fixed incorrect z-index issue for form creation modals. #726
  • Adjusted filtering tooltip on tables to avoid hiding result data. #712
  • Fixed uncontrolled component issue for dashboard import modal. #711
  • Adjusted font color of graph context popups to use theme colors. #699
  • Adjust sidebar database selector to only show active databases. #698
  • Incorporated logging functionality for self-hosted NeoDash deployments. #705
  • Improved dashboard management in standalone-mode deployments. #705
  • Added Docker parameter for overriding the app's logo & custom header. #705
  • Changed the dashboard 'save' action to a logical merge, rather than a delete + create, allowing to persist labels across saves. #705
  • Docker: Updated Alpine base image to mitigate CVE-2023-38039 & CVE-2023-4863. #705


17 Nov 08:07
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NeoDash 2.4.0

NeoDash 2.4 is out! 🎂 This release packs a ton of new features, as well as improvements to the existing visualizations.

Key new features:

  • A new sidebar with support for managing, save and load multiple dashboards directly from the UI.
  • Added Forms as a new extension. Forms let you combine multiple parameter selectors in one card and have users edit/submit data to Neo4j. #568
  • Added a new advanced visualization type: Gantt charts. #684
  • Doubled the grid resolution for dashboards, giving you more freedom to arrange visualizations. #682
  • Several improvements for the natural language queries extension - including customizable prompting, and faster schema retrieval. #600

Other improvements:

  • Support for multiselect checkboxes as a report action for tables. #688
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (CMD/CTRL+Enter) for running Cypher queries from the editor. #694
  • Added new experimental graph layouts (trees in various directions), with customizable level distance. #690
  • Increased customizability for the Pie chart's styling. #638
  • Fixed issues with parameter selector: Better handling of integer / long parameters and processing external updates. #641
  • Improvements on text readability for the experimental dark mode. #668
  • UX improvements on database connection interface. #675
  • Added option to provide a custom message when no data is returned by a report. #683
  • Fixed issue where column names were not hidden correctly. #685

Thanks to all the contributors for this release:


04 Oct 07:33
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NeoDash 2.3.5

This is a bugfix / stability release directly following 2.3.4.


  • Fixed issue where orphan relationships prevented graph charts from working (@BennuFire, #586)
  • Fix issue where only one style rule was used a time on tables. (@BennuFire, #632)
  • Added information about source and target on Graph Chart information modal . (@BennuFire, #627) Based on @brahmprakashMishra PR
  • Fixed issue where bar charts where displaying black bars instead of scheme colors. (@BennuFire, #626)
  • Added right subpath replacement on shared links redirection while in self deployments. (@m-o-n-i-s-h, #618)
  • Dark theme tweaks. (@BennuFire, #585)
  • Fixed parameter selector search where numbers were not found and sporadically displayed with decimal points. (@BennuFire, #633)
  • Added a configuration in order to list sso providers to be used whenever a database has more than one configured. (@BennuFire, #624)
  • Added 'Ignore undefined parameters' advanced setting support for optional parameters on a query. Now queries will assume a null value instead of returning the error 'Parameter not defined'. (@BennuFire, #625)


22 Aug 06:49
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NeoDash 2.3.3 & 2.3.4

This is a bugfix / stability release directly following 2.3.2.


  • Cleaned up dependencies, add lazy loading and code splitting in the bundle file for faster loading times. (@BennuFire, #545)
  • Migrated all icons from Material UI to Needle icons. (@BennuFire, #545)
  • Improved contrast for light and dark theme. (@nielsdejong, #545)
  • Fixed issue where dashboards were locked in read-only mode, after toggling in the dashboard settings. (@nielsdejong, #545)
  • Fixed issue where editing the name of a non-selected page changed the wrong page data. (@BennuFire, #545)
  • Fixed issue where color picker was only working on popup selections. (@BennuFire, #579)
  • Add user agent to driver session for better logging of NeoDash queries. (@nielsdejong, #545)