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Cypher Refcard

This project creates a reference card for the Cypher Query Language.

Here’s an example of what it renders:


  • Apache Maven version 3,

  • Make,

  • Python.

To build, issue this from the command line:

mvn clean package

The result will be available in the target/html5 directory.

Please create issues on GitHub for errors or to request additions. Pull requests are very welcome.

We need a CLA from you in order to process any pull requests!

How it works

The main file for the content is src/cypher-refcard.asciidoc. It loads include files created from executing tests against Neo4j. That’s done in the Scala project in the neo4j-cypher-refcard-tests directory, The tests are located in neo4j-cypher-refcard-tests/src/test/scala/org/neo4j/cypher/docgen/refcard

Branch layout

As of writing this, there’s three branches in use.

  • The 1.9 branch is for the 1.9.x series releases.

  • The 2.0 branch is for the 2.0.x series releases.

  • The master branch is for the 2.1.x series releases.


The refcard is automatically deployed on each push to any branch which builds successfully. The following properties determine what happens.


The version of Neo4j used to execute the tests.


The visible version of the refcard and part of the URL.

The refcard currently gets deployed to{refcard.version}/

The project itself should always have a snapshot version.
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