A command line shell where you can execute Cypher against an instance of Neo4j
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How to build

Use make help (gradlew tasks) to list possible tasks. But you probably want either

  • make build (gradlew installDist) which will build an uber-jar and runnable script for you at cypher-shell/build/install/cypher-shell

  • make zip which builds an uber-jar with runnable script and packages it up for you as: out/cypher-shell.zip Note that this will run a test on the script which requires a instance of neo4j (see Integration tests below).

  • make untested-zip which builds the same zip file but doesn't test it. It will be placed in tmp/cypher-shell.zip.

How to run, the fast way

This clears any previously known neo4j hosts, starts a throw-away instance of neo4j, and connects to it.

rm -rf ~/.neo4j/known_hosts
docker run --detach -p 7687:7687 -e NEO4J_AUTH=none neo4j:3.0
make run

How to build packages

Packages require you to have pandoc available. It should be available in your local package manager.

Then just do

make debian rpm

To test the packages you need to have Docker installed:

make debian-test rpm-test

To get the versions correct when building packages you can override some variables, for example with:

make debian pkgversion=2

See make info for a list of variables and what the results will be.


Integration tests

Pre Requisites for running integration tests

Neo4j server with bolt driver configured.

If authentication is required, it is assumed to be username neo4j and password neo.

To run

Integration tests are usually skipped when you run make test (gradlew test)

Use make integration-test (gradlew integrationTest) to specifically run integration tests.

How to run the fast way

This clears any previously known neo4j hosts, starts a throw-away instance of neo4j, and runs the integration tests against it.

rm -rf ~/.neo4j/known_hosts
docker run --detach -p 7687:7687 -e NEO4J_AUTH=none neo4j:3.0
make integration-test