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Neo4j Browser

Development setup

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install yarn globally (not required but recommended): npm install -g yarn
  3. Install project dependencies: yarn

Development server

yarn start and point your web browser to http://localhost:8080. (Windows yarn startnodash)


yarn test to run a single test run. A linter will run first.

yarn dev to have continuous testing on every file change.

E2E Suite

yarn e2e to run the cypress js test suite (requires a fresh installation of neo4j to run against, expects neo4j 3.4 by default). yarn e2e --env server=3.3 to only run cypress js tests valid for neo4j server version 3.3.

To run on an existing server (with a password already set), you can use any of these (the default password is set to "newpassword", pass in --env browser-password=your-password):
yarn e2e-local --end server=3.4
yarn e2e-local-open --end server=3.4
The latter just opens Cypress runner so you can see the tests being executed and run only some of them. Very useful when writing tests.

There are also e2e tests that covers import from CSV files. To run thise, copy the e2e_tests/files/import.csv to the import/ directory of the database you want to run the tests on and then start the e2e tests with the --env include-import-tests=true flag. Example: yarn e2e-local-open --env server=3.4,include-import-tests=true

Here are the avaialable options / env variables:

server=3.2|3.3|3.4|3.5 (default 3.4)
browser-password=<your-pw> (default 'newpassword')
include-import-tests=true|false (default false)
E2E_TEST_ENV=local|null (if the initial set of pw should run or not) (default undefined)
BROWSER_URL=<url to reach the browser to test> (default http://localhost:8080)


Download these two chrome extensions: