Example authentication and authorization plugins for Neo4j
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Example authentication and authorization plugins for Neo4j

You have to run this with Java 8.

If you just want to build the plugins, you can choose to ignore integration tests by running:

mvn clean install -DskipITs 

Install plugins in Neo4j

Copy the output jar file into the plugins folder of Neo4j Enterprise Edition 3.1 or later:

cp plugins/target/neo4j-example-auth-plugins-<VERSION>.jar <NEO4J-HOME>/plugins/

Edit the Neo4j configuration file <NEO4J-HOME>/conf/neo4j.conf and add the dbms.security.auth_provider setting, e.g.:


You can also enable multiple plugins simultaneously with the dbms.security.auth_providers setting, e.g.:


You can also toggle authentication and authorization enabled individually, e.g.:


(NOTE: This will currently not work with a plugin implementing the simplified AuthPlugin interface, since it will not be loaded unless both settings are either true or left out)