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Automatic configuration of Neo4j's Java Driver for Spring Boot applications
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A Spring Boot starter with automatic configuration for the Neo4j Java Driver.


This starter provides a convenient way to configure all aspects of the Neo4j-Java-Driver from within a Spring Boot application. It provides a single, managed Spring Bean of type org.neo4j.driver.Driver, configured to your needs.

The starter does not add any additional functionality on top of the driver, but only exposes the drivers configuration in a Spring friendly way. However, it configures the driver to use SLF4J logging by default.

The starter only supports the 4.0 line of the Neo4j Java Driver. It is tested and developed against Spring Boot 2.1.6.RELEASE.

The starter supports Neo4j server mode only, that is: A connection against a Neo4j server over the Bolt protocol.


For a gentle introduction and some getting started guides, please use our Manual.

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