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Webadmin: back button broken on initial data browser load #134

lassewesth opened this Issue November 12, 2012 · 2 comments

2 participants

Lasse Westh-Nielsen Jacob Hansson
Lasse Westh-Nielsen

@aseemk: 'Go to the web admin, click the Data Browser, then try clicking the browser's Back button to go back to the dashboard. At least in Chrome on Mac, it doesn't work.

Some quick debugging: it appears that the Data Browser link is to #/data/, but on load, the Data Browser immediately updates the URL to #/data/search/0. Clicking back then goes back to #/data/, which immediately updates the URL again to #/data/search/0, etc.

I'm guessing the URL is updated with location.hash = … or location.href = … -- that creates a new entry in the browser history. In this case, it'd be better to use location.replace(…) instead; that would replace the entry for #/data/ instead of maintaining it.

Hope this helps!'

Lasse Westh-Nielsen


Jacob Hansson

Resolved in new Neo4j Browser.

Jacob Hansson jakewins closed this October 23, 2013
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