Impossible to load custom kernel module in Jboss7 #136

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lassewesth commented Nov 12, 2012

@alexsmirnov: 'Jboss 7 classloader removes content of META-INF/services from Thread#currentThread#getContextClassLoader for modules used by application :
At the same time, Neo4j org.neo4j.helpers.Service class uses java.util.ServiceLoader#load(Class serviceClass) call that tries to find service descriptions using context class loader.
Therefore, if application creates instance of GraphDatabase from library deployed in separate Jboss7 module, it cannot find any custom service defined in that module. It affects both neo4j-connector and Spring data-graph/neo4j as well.
Proposed patch tries to load services using context class loader first ( to not break any existing code if it relies on the current behavior ) and, if service not found, using classloader wich loads Neo4j kernel itself.'


lassewesth commented Nov 12, 2012



jakewins commented Nov 11, 2014

Resolved by c029cea

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