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Lucene Auto Index Case Insensitive Configuration Setting #148

lassewesth opened this Issue Nov 12, 2012 · 14 comments


None yet

lassewesth commented Nov 12, 2012

@SepiaGroup: 'Add a setting that will lowercase all auto indexed values and searches such as auto_index_lowercase=true



lassewesth commented Nov 12, 2012



lassewesth commented Nov 12, 2012

@mypark: +1 on this feature please, seems like a pretty common use case

mypark commented Nov 12, 2012



freeeve commented Dec 11, 2012


4david commented May 28, 2013

+1 would be very useful


tinwelint commented Jul 26, 2013

Would it makes sense to split up case sensitive vs. insensitive? like:

node_auto_indexing = true
node_keys_indexable = username
node_keys_indexable.case_insensitive = name,title

to go beyond that makes little sense since 2.0 will lay a much better foundation for indexing in the future.


jexp commented Jul 26, 2013

Yup. Same for fulltext?

@jakewins jakewins added the kernel label Nov 11, 2014

toddleo commented Apr 16, 2016

Is this issue solved yet? Is case_insensitive available now?

This would be a great feature.


burqen commented Oct 18, 2017

Case insensitive feature is available for manual indexes. See https://neo4j.com/docs/java-reference/current/#indexing-create-advanced

@burqen burqen closed this Oct 18, 2017

I don't understand why this issue was closed @burqen. Indeed this could be a great feature. The auto index is much easier to create than a manual index.

@burqen please don't close issues so abruptly, this is a critical feature and, as far as I know, it's still impossible to enable case-insensitivity for automatic indices.

Either keep the issue open or provider some helpful information on how to enable case-insensitivity in this scenario (using Neo4j 3):

# neo4j configuration file

# nodes automatic indices
# how do I make these node-indices case-insensitive? 

# relationships automatic indices
# how do I make these relationship-indices case-insensitive? 

burqen commented Nov 16, 2017

@francescoinfante @davidrapin Sorry! I was being to quick to judge here. Re-opening this issue and adding feature request to backlog.
Thank you for poking me about this! 😄

@burqen burqen reopened this Nov 16, 2017

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