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Detected a limit of 256 for maximum open files, while a minimum value of 40000 is recommended #159

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@anderskristian: 'Problems with the operation of the server may occur. Please refer to the Neo4j manual regarding lifting this limitation.

I have tried to "lifting" this limitation on my OSX 10.7.3.
In the beginning I found no solution to the problem.

But then I found a tool to set the limit to 100 open files
ulimit -S -n 100

Then I Restart neo4j and got warning.... Detected a limit of 100 for maximum open files....

But it still worked..
And the number of open files is
sudo lsof | grep REG |grep -c "PID"
That is over 200
(Replace PID with the pid from bin/neo4j info)

So my final conclusion is that the warning is wrong.
Reading: says that OSX by default has over 10.000 in this value.

This also explains why my neo4j works.

Conclusion: The warning is not necessary.'

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This has been resolved, the warning is no longer shown on OS X.

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Not sure why this was closed; I am having the exact same problem with Neo4j 2.3.0 on OSX 10.10.5.

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@ajmazurie hmm, that's likely a regression then. Reopening.

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@chrisvest chrisvest Don't show a file limit warning on OS X when running `neo4j console`
We generally don't want to detect and warn about file limits on OS X because `ulimit -n` reports an incorrect value.
The problem was that `console` did not detect the operating system before checking for limits, so it ended up showing the file limits warning on OS X.

This fixes #159
@chrisvest chrisvest closed this in b1a9aae
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