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Better configuration possibilities for autoindexing feature #2048

thomasfr opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I am not sure if the title is clear enough. The reason for this issue for me is the spatial plugin for neo4j ( If you want to use neo4j with the spatial plugin completly via cypher and the rest api over http, it is not possible to configure an autoindex which takes care of adding node with 'lat' and 'lon' properties to the correct index. Without adding the nodes to the correct index they will be not found when using cypher with a withinDistance query. So after each CREATE cypher query on would have to make an additional call to the REST API.
See here for a complete example / list of actions:
There is also a related issue on the spatial plugin: neo4j-contrib/spatial#125

Is it possible to add more than one auto indexing configuration, with the possibility to define the index type for different node "types", to the file? A node type could be identified via their labels or simply when the node has the configured properties in node_keys_indexable.



I would like to 1+ this request!

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