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cypher: schema index support for IN predicates #2079

shaikatzir opened this Issue · 5 comments

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posted a question about it on SO:

I would like to be able to use the following cypher query:
MATCH (gr:Group) <--(us:User)--(gr2:Group)
WHERE in {groups}
return distinct gr2

where 'groups' is a given parameter - array of group names.
And the engine should take advantage of the fact that there is label index on Group{name}.


Thanks shaikatzir,

Having the schema indexes support IN predicates is definitely something we'd like to add support for in a future release. I'll be sure to add your vote to it.



I didn't realize this was the case today. Big +1 from me as well — we do batch processing, i.e. queries across multiple nodes, in a number of cases, but we still specify indexed properties for those.

Is it possible to achieve via a USING INDEX statement?


This is supported as of Neo4j 2.1.2.

@cleishm cleishm closed this

Awesome! =) Thanks Chris.

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