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REST API: Get the summary of operations completed #317

aranm opened this Issue Nov 22, 2012 · 8 comments

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aranm commented Nov 22, 2012

When using the web admin console after doing an operation I get a summary like

1 node inserted
2 relationships inserted
1 node deleted.

It would be good to have the REST endpoint be able to return summary of operations completed at present one has to return the nodes inserted to know an insert has occurred.

When doing a request over the network often it is a good idea to minimize the data response size. A quick summary would help with this.

Neo4j member

Sounds legit, however mostly applicable for the /db/data/cypher ? Feel free to enhance that endpoint!

freeeve commented Nov 24, 2012

+1 for Cypher, I wanted to have this come back as one of the functions for AnormCypher, but found it wasn't available.

vantonio commented Jan 6, 2013

Also +1 Cypher. A unified interface returning one data with different syntax is more than reasonable i think, it's a must.

Neo4j member
jexp commented Jan 6, 2013

This will be most probably be part of the query statistics like time, execution plan etc.

Neo4j member

@vantonio Could you elaborate a bit on the expected behavior you'd like to see ?


If we get this back from the REST API, then drivers can republish it into other stats pipelines within our own apps, like Neo4jClient already exposes event hooks that allow integration with profilers like this, but we don't have the same richness of data that the console exposes.

The use-case here is beyond debug, likely UAT or similar, and potentially even production, so we won't want full query plans on every request. (But might on some.)

vantonio commented Aug 9, 2013

I would suggest doing this by identifying a request's Accept header:
a) on a request with header "Accept:application/json", we would return what we are returning now;
b) on a request with header "Accept:application/meta+json", we would return our original json plus a "status" array with "nodes_created", "time_executed", "node_deleted" etc.



Neo4j member

This is now implemented in the Neo4j Browser, and available via the Transactional Endpoint, implemented in 2.0+.

@jakewins jakewins closed this Nov 11, 2014
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