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Unable to access jarfile ...\windows-service-wrapper-*.jar #391

kkurni opened this Issue · 14 comments


I get this error on my windows 8 machine.

I try using 1.8 and 1.9 but still get the same error when calling neo4j.bat start

Any hints ?



Any chance to share more details? E.g. a full stacktrace? try to start neo4j.bat console to see the error on the console.


PS C:\temp\neo4jRC1\bin> .\Neo4j.bat console
Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\temp\neo4jRC1\bin\windows-service-wrapper-*.jar

This is the error message that I get on windows.

I am using windows 8 machine inside parallels.

My plan is deploying it into windows Azure, so I have to test it on my local windows first.



I had the same problem, as it seems bat file is not recognizing the wildcard command properly.

To solve this, I edited bin\base.bat file and found the line with windows-service-wrapper-*.jar and changed it to windows-service-wrapper-4.jar , which was the name of the file that came with M1.8.1.

This might not be the proper solution but just a stop gap measure.


@valsaul thnx. It help me too.


The problem seems to have something to do with the JRE version you're running. I was on 6 and everything worked fine. I switched to 7, and received this error. states here that the database is currently tested with JRE 6:

Also, if you open the log in /data/log, you'll see that you get a warning if you're running anything but JRE 6.

In any case, either edit the bin\base.bat file, or switch your JRE back to version 6.


As per the comment above, Neo4j 1.8 only supports JDK 1.6. Support for Java 7 will be delivered in the upcoming 1.9 release of Neo4j.

@jakewins jakewins closed this

While doing Windows QA I got this error as well. Turns out I had four different VMs installed (Java 6 and Java 7). I uninstalled all of them and only installed Java 7 JDK, and then it worked.


Tried uninstalling Java 7 and installed Java 6, and it still worked. Must have been the preinstalled Java that somehow screwed it up, I think. Anyone who has this problem, please report output of "java -version".

@rickardoberg rickardoberg reopened this

I've reproduced this.

I just took a clean windows machine (never had a JRE installed), installed Oracle JRE 7u17, unpacked Neo4j 1.9.M05, ran "bin\Neo4j.bat start".


@chrisleishman @rickardoberg bba97d5 ought to fix this?


@lassewesth Have you had a chance to test on a windows boxer?


only change line 8 in bin/base.bat : set wrapperJarFilename=windows-service-wrapper-4.jar
I have test it. now it works well


Still failing. Also ... The wildcard won't work because it is not a legal Windows file name. Perhaps the Java 1.6 loader did a file expansion and 1.7 loaded the literal string.

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