Cypher: 1.9.M03 throws an error when it can't find a deleted node #393

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Something about deleting matched nodes or using with statements is causing errors.

This problem and the necessary workarounds were described in the google group. This query worked in 1.9.M01.

Console example with this bug:

start n=node(0)
match n-->()-[r?]->m-[r2?]-()
delete m, r, r2
with n
match n-->()-[r?]->m
return n,type(r),m

This should execute (and sort of does), but if you check out the console link, no results are returned from the query. On my computer it actually returns either "Error: Node[XX] not found" or "Error: Node[XX] has been deleted in this tx" where XX is the id for the deleted node m.

You can verify the node has been deleted by running the same query again or by doing the usual:

start n=node(*)
match n-[r?]->m
return n,type(r),m

Good luck fixing this for 1.9.M04.



jakewins commented Oct 23, 2013

This is expected behavior, if you delete a node, you cannot use it later in the same transaction. @systay or am I thinking wrong?

jakewins closed this Oct 23, 2013

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