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Upgrade Logback #442

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Are there any plans on using a more recent version of the Logback lib? I am running into problems using Neo4j embedded and the play! framework, since there seems to be a dependency conflict...



This is a continuing issue, unfortunately - upgrading logback means clashes with other external libraries. Neo4j does ship with a minimal internal logging service that it falls back on if logback is not found. Perhaps we can make it configurable, such that you can tell neo4j to use it's internal logging, and then exclude the older logback that neo4j pulls in?

We are fairly strained capacity-wise, so if you don't want to wait for that to be fixed by the team, you could contribute a fix to it yourself, it's fairly localized:


Why the dependencies on logback?

neo4j embeded should ONLY have the slf4j-api dependencies and let the outter application the choice of the logger.

The logback dependencies prevent the use of other logger with slf4j.

@sslavic sslavic referenced this issue in lordofthejars/nosql-unit

Ignore all Maven target & Eclipse specific files #68


The kernel dependency for logback is now optional.

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