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JAR files for the neo4j Graph Database

This gem provides a set of jar files of the Neo4j Graph Database.

To use it: require 'neo4j-community'

It does also include test jars (neo4j impermanent db) which are loaded by Neo4j::Community.load_test_jars!

How to Release

  1. cd neo4j-community
  2. git clean -df # make sure there are no local file
  3. rm -rf tmp # make sure old tar file is deleted
  4. mkdir tmp
  5. Download tar/gz file from
  6. cp ~/Download/neo4j-community-VERSION to tmp
  7. rake upgrade
  8. edit the lib/neo4j-community/version file
  9. rake build

There should now be a gem file available in the pkg folder. gem install pkg/neo4j-community-VERSION-java.gem


This gem is MIT licensed.

However the jars included are licensed by Neo4j.