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Invalid config, exiting abnormally using HA start script #228

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When I try to start zookeeper using your script I get the following error

Invalid config, exiting abnormally

I have a conf and data folder in the lib folder where the neo4j-enterprise jars have been placed. It's sort of unclear to me how to get HA working in an existing application.

Thanks a lot

Neo4jRB member

Did you try the example ?
Which script do you mean ?
In the new 1.9.M02 release of neo4j the HA setup has been simplified (no zookeeper :)
Maybe I have a look at it during the X mas holiday.


I meant the I've unpacked the neo4j-advanced gem into the lib folder so I think I have it set up properly.

I don't need an HA setup yet, so the 1.9.M02 is really ideal for me. Any idea of when it will be incorporated into neo4j.rb?


Neo4jRB member

Well, I can't really promise anything, but I would really like to fix it this or next month.
Currently looking at JRuby 1.7.1 issues which I think I have solved.

@andreasronge andreasronge added a commit that referenced this issue
@andreasronge andreasronge Support for HA cluster with neo4j, 1.9.X, #228, #99, #223
* Fixed for IRB/Pry console using HA to concurrently access the database
* Updated the HA examples
* Removed ZooKeeper and its configuration
Neo4jRB member

Zookeeper is gone since we use Neo4j 1.9.M03 :)


Thanks a lot for adding this feature. Our company is on the verge of launching and having this available is perfect timing.

Neo4jRB member

Always nice to know that someone is using things I've developed. Good luck with the launch !

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