Neo4j::Rails Config

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You can set the location of the database in the config/application.rb file.

config.neo4j.storage_path = "#{config.root}/db/neo4j-#{Rails.env}"
config.neo4j.timestamps = false  # disable automatic timestamps on updated_at and created_at properties

Rails Console with write access

see the Neo4j::Ha-Cluster


Trinidad needs the Java jar files in the lib folder.
There is a script for doing this:

neo4j-jars -local

Just type neo4j-jars for help

If you forget to add those jar files to your rails project you may get the following error message:

No index provider 'lucene' found


See Configuration & Backup

Add the following line in your config/application.rb file:

config.neo4j.online_backup_enabled = true

Then add the correct jar files to the lib folder:

neo4j-jars -backup

To perform the backup

require 'neo4j'

HA Cluster

See the example –

Example of a config/application.rb file:

config.neo4j['ha.server'] = 'localhost:6001'
config.neo4j['ha.coordinators'] = 'localhost:2181,localhost:2182,localhost:2183'
config.neo4j['ha.cluster_server'] = 'localhost:2181'

Add the neo4j-advanced and neo4j-enterprise gems to your Gemfile.

Require the ‘neo4j-enterprise’ and ‘neo4j-advanced’ gem in the config/application.rb file.

Notice, if you are trying to create a new HA database you need to set the
configuration option `keep_logical_logs=true` and then create a transaction on the master, or copy the complete database to the new HA instance (I think …). Make sure the nioneo_logical.log.vXX files are available on the server db.


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No cache type ‘soft’

You probably for forgot to run neo4j-jars command to copy the jar files to the lib folder.
This is normally needed for trinidad and warbler deployments.

I get “No index provider ‘lucene’ found”

See deployment above.


You get this exception if there is already an neo4j db instance running.
Only one write instance of the database is possible. If there is already a write instance running then a read only db will be created.
Did you run the rails console before you did the first request to rails ?

Does neo4j have an Identity Map ?

Yes and it is enabled by default (in >= 2.0.0). Read more about it here: the identity map
and Neo4j::IdentityMap

Why can’t I update nested models: node.nested << x; ?

Because you have not enabled identity map, see above.
Let say you have the following class:

class Person < Neo4j::Rails::Model

node = Person.create
node.nested = Person.create

Then you can’t update the node.nested

node.nested[:some_property] = 'some value'
node.nested.nested << other_node

Instead you must use a temporary variable, like this:

tmp = node.nested
tmp[:some_property] = 'some value'
tmp.nested << other_node

The reason is that the node.nested creates a new instance of a
wrapped node.

However, the following will work:

n = Person.create
n.nested = Person.create
n.nested[:name] = 'foo'

n.nested[:name] # => 'foo'

You do not need a temporary variable in this case since the relationship is not
persisted yet.