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Analyze your tweets with neo4j!


  • Check out github repo
  • Run bundle
  • Run rake neo4j:install[neo4j-2.1.6,development] (see neo4j's release notes for the current version number)
  • Run rake neo4j:start
  • Create your config/twitter.yml file (see config/twitter.yml.example)
  • Run one of the following commands (the first will continuously stream until you cancel with ctrl-c):
    neo4apis twitter filter QUERY --import-retweets --import-hashtags --import-user-mentions

    neo4apis twitter search QUERY NUMBER_OF_TWEETS --import-retweets --import-hashtags --import-user-mentions
  • Start the rails app with rails s
  • Visit the app

What you get:

  • Pretty metrics such as:
    • Top Tweeters
    • Top Retweeters
    • Original Tweets (that is, excluding retweets) Over Time
    • Most Favorited Tweets
    • Most Retweeded Tweets
  • Ability to browse through users, tweets, and hashtags
  • Graph visualization of hashtags
  • Embedded tweets, where possible

How to help:

Feedback! What metrics would you like to see? What metrics do you think would be useful for everybody?

Bug reports! Open a github issue!

Pull requests! I'll buy you a drink if I ever meet you!

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