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Spectre Theme

Modern, Simple & Elegant | 现代,简洁,优雅

Version Author Hexo node.js

Introduction 介绍

A Modern, Simple & Elegant Theme for Hexo.
现代、简洁、优雅的 Hexo 主题。

Demo 演示

neoFelhz's Blog

Download 下载

ATTENTION! Spectre Theme is still under development!

Download latest version

The latest release. Recommended for most users.

Download latest canary branch

Maybe unstable, but includes latest features. Recommended for developers.

Download other version

You can decide which version to use. May no longer provide support.

Download using git

You can using git to choose which branch you want. For developer only.

cd themes
git clone https://github.com/neofelhz/hexo-theme-spectre.git spectre
cd spectre
git checkout {branch/tags name}

ATTENTION! As the theme is developing, the theme config template will changes. To avoid conflict for users who are using git pull to upgrade the theme, we save the theme config template as _config.template.yml. You should make a copy of it and rename to _config.yml, then configure _config.yml when using the theme.
注意! 在主题的开发迭代过程中,主题的配置文件模板 可能会改动。为了避免使用 git pull 更新主题的用户出现冲突,我们将 主题配置文件模板 命名为 _config.template.yml。配置主题时,你应该拷贝一份 _config.template.yml 并将其重命名为 _config.yml

Changelog 更新日志

View our release notes


License 许可证


Open sourced under the GPL v3.0 license.

根据 GPL V3.0 许可证开源。

Support 支持


Thanks jsDelivr for providing Public CDN service.

jsDelivr – Open Source CDN, free, fast, and reliable. You can choose the files from GitHub or NPM and serve them using jsDelivr.