A .net Core port of BCrypt.net
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A .net Core port of BCrypt.net, with some feature and security enhancements.

Compatible with both the full .net framework and .net core (Netstandard 1.3).

It should be a drop-in replacement for BCrypt.net as the namespaces are unchanged.

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How to use

Standard use:

// hash and save a password
hashedPassword = BCrypt.Net.BCrypt.HashPassword(clearTextPassword);

// check a password
bool validPassword = BCrypt.Net.BCrypt.Verify(userSubmittedPassword, hashedPassword);

If you need to specify a different salt revision when generating hashes, you can pass in a SaltRevision parameter:

// hash and save a password
hashedPassword = BCrypt.Net.BCrypt.HashPassword(clearTextPassword, SaltRevision.Revision2A);

This is only recommended if you're dealing with legacy systems, otherwise you should use the default of 2b. Note that the salt algorithm does not change, it will generate a correct bcrypt hash in all known cases.


I did not write this library, I merely ported it to .net core. All credit goes to Ryan D. Emerle for porting BCrypt to .net in the first place.

Original Project

The original project can be found at Codeplex: https://bcrypt.codeplex.com/