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Sächsli: an Automated Bot for Game 3+3

This is an automated bot for game 3+3. Beside the link, the game is available on the chat software Telegram by calling its @gamee bot.

Saechsli plays this game automatically, and may achieve a score of 10000-20000(a matter of luck). It serves as a browser userscript, and communicates a background service on Python, the latter doing searches and instructs the former.


  • python3, with packages:
    • bottle
  • a browser(preferable Firefox or Chrome), with plugins:
    • Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey


  1. install the userscript
  2. fire up the background service: python3
  3. browse to the game via URL, or open and call a @gamee bot to do that.
  4. begin the game. After blocks start showing up, Saechsli shall take over the action.
  5. Watch!


  • This work is not intended to cheat(and why, experienced human player may do much better), but for study how to solve such a puzzle by using algorithms. Do not use it to trouble anyone.
  • Currently Saechsli will search 4-6 steps basing on current grid status, and pick the best one with 1) the maximal reachable number in a cell, as well as 2) the maximal freedom degrees after one movement. This differs in practice from a human solution. You are encouraged to write more criterions for that.