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Common lists for coc.nvim
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Some basic list sources for coc.nvim


  • buffers current buffer list.
  • cmdhistory history of commands.
  • colors colors schemes.
  • files search files from current cwd.
  • filetypes file types.
  • grep grep text from current cwd.
  • helptags helptags of vim.
  • lines search lines by regex patterns.
  • locationlist items from vim's location list.
  • maps key mappings.
  • marks marks of vim.
  • mru most recent used files.
  • quickfix items from vim's quickfix list.
  • searchhistory history of search.
  • sessions session list.
  • tags search tag files.
  • vimcommands available vim commands.
  • windows windows of vim.
  • words search word in current buffer.

For snippets list, use coc-snippets.

For git related list, use coc-git.

For yank history, use coc-yank.


In your vim/neovim, run command:

:CocInstall coc-lists

Checkout :h coc-list for usage.


Tip: type ? on normal mode to get detail help of current list.

Available options for coc-lists:

  • session.saveOnVimLeave Save session on VimLeavePre., default to true
  • directory for session files, default to ~/.vim/sessions
  • session.restartOnSessionLoad Restart vim with cwd changed on session load, support neovim on iTerm2 only.
  • lists.disabledLists: List names to disable form load., default: []
  • list.source.files.command: Command used for search for files, default: ""
  • list.source.files.args: Arguments for search command, default: []
  • list.source.files.excludePatterns: Minimatch patterns that should be excluded., default: []
  • list.source.mru.maxLength: Max length of mru list., default: 1000
  • list.source.mru.ignoreGitIgnore: Ignore git ignored files., default: false
  • list.source.mru.excludePatterns: Minimatch patterns that should be excluded., default: ["**/.git/*","/tmp/*"]
  • list.source.grep.useLiteral: Use literal match unless specified regex options, default: true., default: true
  • list.source.grep.command: Command used for grep, default to 'rg'., default: "rg" could be rg or ag.
  • list.source.grep.maxColumns: Don't print lines longer than this limit in bytes, ripgrep only..
  • list.source.tags.command: Command used for generate tags., default: "ctags -R ."
  • list.source.grep.args: Arguments for grep command, always used for grep, default: []
  • list.source.grep.excludePatterns: Minimatch patterns of files that should be excluded, use .ignore file is recommended., default: []


  • mru.validate remove none exists files from mru list.
  • tags.generate generate tags of current project (in current cwd).
  • save current vim state to session file.
  • session.load load exists session file.


Q: Hidden files not exists using files source.

A: You have to pass --hidden to ripgrep by using configuration:

`list.source.files.args`: ['--hidden', '--files']

Q: How to ignore files using files/grep source.

A: You can add .ignore file in your project root, which would be respected by ripgrep or use list.sourcefiles.excludePatterns configuration.

Q: How to make grep easier?

A: Create custom command like:

" grep word under cursor
command! -nargs=+ -complete=custom,s:GrepArgs Rg exe 'CocList grep '.<q-args>

function! s:GrepArgs(...)
  let list = ['-S', '-smartcase', '-i', '-ignorecase', '-w', '-word',
        \ '-e', '-regex', '-u', '-skip-vcs-ignores', '-t', '-extension']
  return join(list, "\n")

" Keymapping for grep word under cursor with interactive mode
nnoremap <silent> <Leader>cf :exe 'CocList -I --input='.expand('<cword>').' grep'<CR>

Q: How to grep by motion?

A: Create custom keymappings like:

vnoremap <leader>g :<C-u>call <SID>GrepFromSelected(visualmode())<CR>
nnoremap <leader>g :<C-u>set operatorfunc=<SID>GrepFromSelected<CR>g@

function! s:GrepFromSelected(type)
  let saved_unnamed_register = @@
  if a:type ==# 'v'
    normal! `<v`>y
  elseif a:type ==# 'char'
    normal! `[v`]y
  let word = substitute(@@, '\n$', '', 'g')
  let word = escape(word, '| ')
  let @@ = saved_unnamed_register
  execute 'CocList grep '.word

Q: How to grep current word in current buffer?

A: Create kep-mapping like:

nnoremap <silent> <space>w  :exe 'CocList -I --normal --input='.expand('<cword>').' words'<CR>



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