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Git log, git status and git changed source for Denite.nvim.

Video of denite gitlog:


Video of denite gitstatus:



For user of vim-plug, add:

Plug 'Shougo/denite.nvim'
Plug 'chemzqm/denite-git'

For user of dein.vim, add:

call dein#add('Shougo/denite.nvim')
call dein#add('chemzqm/denite-git')

to your vimrc and run PlugInstall if needed.


For git log:

" log of current file
Denite gitlog

" all git log of current repository
Denite gitlog:all

" filter gitlog with fix as input
Denite gitlog::fix

For git status:

Denite gitstatus

For git changed

Denite gitchanged

gitchanged source is just simple line source.

For git branch

Denite gitbranch


Actions of gitlog:

  • open default action for open seleted commit.
  • preview preview seleted commit.
  • delete run git diff with current commit for current buffer. (just named delete)
  • reset run git reset with current commit.

Actions of gitstatus:

  • open open seleted file, default action
  • add run git add for seleted file(s).
  • delete run git diff for seleted file. (just named delete)
  • reset run git reset/checkout or remove for seleted file(s).
  • commit run git commit for seleted file(s).

Actions of gitbranch:

  • checkout default action to checkout selected branch.
  • delete delete seleted branch.
  • merge merge seleted branch with current branch.
  • rebase rebase seleted branch with current branch.

Key Mapppings

It's recommanded to add custom key mappings for improve your speed of interacting with denite source, for example:

call denite#custom#map(
      \ 'normal',
      \ 'a',
      \ '<denite:do_action:add>',
      \ 'noremap'

call denite#custom#map(
      \ 'normal',
      \ 'd',
      \ '<denite:do_action:delete>',
      \ 'noremap'

call denite#custom#map(
      \ 'normal',
      \ 'r',
      \ '<denite:do_action:reset>',
      \ 'noremap'