A git wrapper focus on simplity and usability
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A git wrapper plugin made to replace fugitive, it can be used together with fugitive as commands are disabled by default.

The goal make cleaner code, and be more friendly to user (especially using with macvim)


  • Consist behaviour, command always work in the git directory of current file

  • Be quiet, no ugly press any key to continue, and use dispatch method when possible

  • Clean code, avoid madness hack like errorformat etc.

  • Friendly keymaping, when enter temporary buffer precess q would help you to quit, no close window if opened by edit command

  • Expose flexible API, in autoload/easygit.vim

  • Works good with other plugins since filetype is nofile, your mru plugin and status line plugin should easily ignore them.


Commands are disabled by default, if you want to use them, you have to add

let g:easygit_enable_command = 1

To your .vimrc

  • Gcd make vim cd to git root directory.
  • Glcd make vim lcd to git root directory.
  • Gblame Git blame current file, you can use p to preview commit and d to diff with current file.
  • GcommitCurrent Git commit current file with message as command args.
  • GdiffThis Side by side diff of current file with head or any ref.
  • Gcommit Git commit with command line argument.
  • Gedit Edit git reference from git show.
  • Gdiff Git diff with command line argument.
  • Gremove Git remove with command line argument, remove current file when arguments empty.
  • Grename Rename current by git mv, file in buffer list would react the changes.
  • Gmove Git mv with command line argument.
  • Gcheckout Git checkout with command line argument.
  • Gpush Git push with arguments, dispatch when possible.
  • Gpull Git pull with arguments, dispatch when possible.
  • Gfetch Git fetch with arguments, dispatch when possible.
  • Gadd Git add with arguments.
  • Gstatus Show git status in a temporary buffer.
  • Ggrep Git grep repo of current file, and show result in quickfix
  • Gmerge Git merge with branch complete

Those commands have reasonable complete setting, use <tab> to complete commands.