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Library for extending JavaScript dates
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date-ext is a JavaScript library for extending Date objects with useful everyday methods.

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Install using the package manager for your desired environment(s):

$ npm install --save date-ext
# OR:
$ bower install --save date-ext

If you want to simply download the file to be used in the browser you can find them below:



Formatting is now extremely simple and uses the same parameters as PHP's date function as well as the escape sequence (backslash).

Date.format(date, formatStr)
new Date().format(formatStr)


Want to schedule a function to be called at a certain time? Well, it couldn't be any easier.

Date.schedule(date, callback[, context])
new Date().schedule(callback[, context])

If the date is now or in the past it will simply be called immediately. Also, if you change your mind you can just prevent it from being called.

new Date().unschedule(scheduleId)

The scheduleId is returned by the call to schedule and will be unique for every call. However, This will be undefined in cases where the function was called immediately.


The library also comes packed with a few more simple - yet extremely useful - everyday methods.

new Date().addDays(days)
new Date().addHours(hours)
new Date().addMilliseconds(milliseconds)
new Date().addMinutes(minutes)
new Date().addMonths(months)
new Date().addSeconds(seconds)
new Date().addYears(years)
new Date().clear()
new Date().clearDate()
new Date().clearTime()
new Date().getDayOfYear()
new Date().getDaysInMonth()
new Date().getTimezone()
new Date().getWeekOfYear()
new Date().getYearOfWeek()
new Date().isDaylightSavingTime()
new Date().isLeapYear()


If you have any problems with date-ext or would like to see changes currently in development you can do so here.


If you want to contribute, you're a legend! Information on how you can do so can be found in We want your suggestions and pull requests!

A list of date-ext contributors can be found in


Copyright © 2017 Alasdair Mercer

See for more information on our MIT license.

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