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This document is only relevant for those that want to contribute to the open source project (we love you guys!). If you are only interested in installing the tool look at

Build Requirements

In order to build, you need to have the following install git 1.7+ and node.js 0.8+ (which includes npm).


Follow these steps to build;

  1. Clone a copy of the main git repository by running git clone git://
  2. cd to the repository directory
  3. Ensure you have all of the dependencies by entering npm install
  4. Ensure you can run Grunt by running npm install -g grunt-cli
  5. To update the compiled and runnable version enter grunt build
    • Outputs to the lib directory
  6. To run the full test suite enter grunt test
    • Pro Tip: You can easily run steps 5 and 6 back-to-back by just entering grunt
  7. To update the optimized distributable file and documentation enter grunt dist
    • This also compiles and tests all code to ensure the latest code is stable and used
    • Outputs to distributable file and documentation to the dist and docs directories respectively


If you're planning on contributing to please do NOT update the distributable file or documentation (step 7) when submitting a pull request. We will not accept pull requests when these files have been changed as we do this ourselves when finalizing a release.

Read the file for more information about submitting pull requests.