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Releases: neocotic/yourls-api


24 Mar 14:44
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  • Support JSON requests (GET & POST) #6


23 Nov 13:48
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  • Support time-limited signature token for passwordless API (Josh Panter) #1
  • Rewrite library to be easier to maintain
  • Refactor API methods to be easier to use (incl. breaking changes)
  • Add yourls.disconnect API method to clear previously stored connection information
  • Add yourls.db.stats API method to fetch statistics for all links
  • Add yourls.version API method to fetch YOURLS version information
  • Fix bug where query string parameter name and/or value are not always URL-encoded
  • Rewrite documentation to be more informative
  • Remove docs generated by Docco
  • Add EditorConfig file
  • Add ESLint
  • Bundle library using Rollup
  • Build library using Grunt
  • Add continuous integration using Travis
  • Add contributor guidelines
  • Publish to Bower
  • Publish to npm


10 Jul 21:47
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Initial release