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#Marcus Griep

I solve problems.

Working with a heads-up attitude, I also understand that the best fix isn't always writing code. Sometimes the correct answer lies in finding issue with a procedure or policy and championing a change that makes a code change unnecessary.

My credentials include work with many technologies and programming languages, and I am very capable at writing code to tackle issues along the way, having worked with .NET, Java, Python, and many others.

I have a voracious appetite for learning and will quickly acquire the domain knowledge in your company to be able to coordinate solutions across group boundaries.

If you're looking for an employee that can write a lot of high-quality code, I can do that very well. If you're looking for an employee that can really apply himself to see the big picture and help direct future growth, I can do that even better.

I am well adapted to working in high-pressure situations and delivering. The ideal job would include me working with large-scale, performance-critical systems, especially dealing with information security.

Technical Skills

Like: f#, c#, .net, git, java

Dislike: php


Lead Software Engineer, Cimpress, June 2007 – Current

f#, .net, c#, servicestack, soa, rest, scrum, agile

  • Introduced functional programming practices to a team of largely object-oriented engineers; started a cross-team guild for people interested in exploring functional languages and learning how to write better software in a functional style.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed an inventory system which marshals information between SAP and custom manufacturing software using a REST-ful API.
  • Lead and manage a team of developers and quality engineers, prioritizing and distributing work, and responsible for our entire stack, from design to development, testing, deployment, and production monitoring.
  • Developed shipping costs simulation application utilized to forecast the effects of shipping carrier rate change proposals on annualized shipping costs and carrier volumes.
  • Wrote the EDI service responsible for releasing and invoicing hundreds of partner orders daily

Teaching Assistant, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Computer Science, 2006 – 2007

.net, java, python, boo, perl

  • Was the Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate computer science capstone course "Software Design & Documentation"
  • Lectured on design patterns and antipatterns
  • Evaluated student projects submitted in technologies as diverse as PHP, Rails, Perl, C, Python, .NET, and Java.

Web Developer, CyGen Technologies, 2000 – 2003

asp, vb, tsql

  • Completed company training application in the shortest time of any employee with functionality above that required and with a technology I had never used prior
  • Developed an e-commerce platform with a content management system
  • Built a converter to take a user's Word document and generate a web page, designed for users with little technical knowledge

Systems Administrator, Rensselaer Polytechnic Student Union, 2006 – 2007

windows-server, php, system-administration, exchange-server

  • Maintained the software used to manage the Union's $8 million annual budget
  • Managed the websites of the Student Union's 130+ clubs
  • Managed email and computers of 20+ staff


M.S. Information Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2006 – 2007

information-systems-engin, networking

  • Concentration in Information Systems Engineering and Networking
  • Wrote an electronic voting gateway system for capstone project, used in part for campus-wide student elections
  • Obtained Bachelor's degree concurrently with Master's degree in 4 years

B.S. Computer Science and Science, Technology, & Society, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2003 – 2007

compilers, network-programming, game-development, data-mining

  • Concentrations in Security, Networking, and Design
  • Major GPA of 3.5
  • News Editor - The Polytechnic - 2007
  • President - Acacia Fraternity - 2005
  • Member - Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computer Science Honors Society
  • Student Senate Graduate Senator, Secretary
  • Rules and Elections Committee, Greek Member
  • Interfraternity Council Executive Board, Secretary

##Projects & Interests

Stack Overflow,, October 2008 - Current

Written 47 answers. Active in c#, .net and collections.

GitHub - Aether,, May 2015 - November 2015

Total/Partial Lenses for F#

Helped co-author and update this F# library for working with functional properties on immutable data types.

GitHub - Cimfu.Suave.Healthcheck,, October 2015

A pluggable healthcheck endpoint for the Suave functional web server.

GitHub - c5,, October 2008 - May 2011

The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and the CLI

GitHub - purpleonion,, April 2009

The Purple Onion Router: a managed implementation of the Tor Onion Router


First Computer: Apple IIc

Favorite Editor: vi, EditPad Pro, and Atom


In addition to being an avid programmer, I also spend my free time as an professional photographer. I take great pride in being able to find a unique spark that makes a picture come alive.