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Description = "Writings on sofware engineering";
<p>Writings about programming and software engineering. Built on the F# static site generator <a href=""><strong>FsBlog</strong></a>.</p>
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<h2>Latest Post: <a href="@(Model.Root)blog/@Model.Posts[0].Url/index.html">@Model.Posts[0].Title</a></h2>
<h2>About the Author</h2>
<p><string>Marcus Griep</strong> is a software engineer for <a href="">Cimpress</a>. Marcus is a frequent contributor to the open source community who has taken a recent interest in F# in specific and functional programming in general. Besides working with software, Marcus officiates American football and is a contributor to the <a href="">Football Zebras</a> site. When not working with code or on the field, Marcus tries to make time for photography and board games with his family.</p>
<p><a href="@(Model.Root)cv.html">My CV/Resume</a></p>