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The proxyRequest and proxyResponse functions will be called for all requests and responses made via ZAP,
excluding some of the automated tools
If they return 'false' then the corresponding request / response will be dropped.
You can use msg.setForceIntercept(true) in either method to force a break point
Note that new proxy scripts will initially be disabled
Right click the script in the Scripts tree and select "enable"
import re
def generateNonce():
""" Documentation """
import uuid
import hashlib
import base64
guid = uuid.uuid1()
hash = hashlib.sha1(guid.bytes)
nonce = base64.b64encode(hash.hexdigest())
return nonce
def getNowTime(ttl):
""" Documentation """
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
created = datetime.utcnow()
expires = created + timedelta(seconds=ttl)
return (created.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"), expires.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"))
def proxyRequest(msg):
""" Documentation """
if msg.getRequestHeader().getMethod() == "POST":
(created, expires) = getNowTime(60)
body = msg.getRequestBody().toString()
m ="\<wsu:Created.*\>(.*)\</wsu:Created\>\<wsu:Expires\>", body)
body = body.replace(, created)
m ="\<wsu:Expires\>(.*)\</wsu:Expires\>", body)
body = body.replace(, expires)
m ="\<wsse:Nonce.*\>(.*)\</wsse:Nonce\>", body)
body = body.replace(, generateNonce())
m ="\</wsse:Nonce\>\<wsu:Created\>(.*)\</wsu:Created\>", body)
body = body.replace(, created)
tam = len(body)
msg.getRequestHeader().setHeader("Content-Length", str(tam))
return True
def proxyResponse(msg):
""" Documentation """
return True