Context sensitive notifications for Android
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Context sensitive notifications for Android


The ownership of the original repository has moved to keyboardsurfer.


Crouton is a class that can be used by Android developers that feel the need for an alternative to the Context insensitive Toast.

A Crouton will be displayed at the top of an application window. You can line up multiple Croutons for display, that will be shown one after another.

The current implementation requires the Holo theme to be present on the device.

A demo application is available on Google Play

Crouton Demo on Google Play

The name and the idea of Crouton originates in a blog article by Cyril Mottier.


The API is kept as simple as the Toast API:

Create a Crouton for any CharSequence:

Crouton.makeText(Activity, CharSequence, Style).show();

Create a Crouton with a String from your application's resources:

Crouton.makeText(Activity, int, Style).show();

You can also cancel scheduled Croutons by calling:



Currently you can use the three different Style attributes displayed below out of the box:




Extension and Modification

The whole design of a Crouton is defined by Style. You can easily create your own Styles by calling one of the constructors of the Style class or use one of the already provided styles: Style.ALERT, Style.CONFIRM and Style.INFO.

If you want to modify the general appearance you might want to have a look at the ViewHolder.


The build requires Maven. Operations are very simple:

  • mvn -f library/pom.xml clean package will build jar library;
  • mvn clean package will build jar library and sample application apk package;
  • mvn -f library/pom.xml clean install will put Crouton in your local Maven repository.

After putting Crouton in the repository you can add it as a dependency.



The initial version was written by Benjamin Weiss at Neofonie Mobile GmbH.