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add Image verification mod ( see )
security update from punbb 1.2.23
security fix for the reputation mod
other small fixes
2.0.2 ( never released )
add SMTPS ( gmail and other secure SMTP ) support
fixing sme themes
Fixing spanish translations
Improving TODO, README, FAQ . . .
Adding security updates from punbb 1.2.22
please see
Fixing charset problem for Spanish translation
Preparing for more utf8 translations soon
Now supports "Unverified" status in userlist and profile page
add parameter to have a valid returnpath in sent email headers
fix "If a user running the Firefox webbrowser enters an incorrect value and needs to go back, the submit button will stay disabled until the page is reloaded."
add human test on register.php (one more antibot feature ;) please see for more information
=1.26beta4 +small fixes
add punbb 1.2.21 security update ( see )
upgrade mod install to 1.2.21
add projecthoneypot quicklinks in main.tpl to protect forums from spambots.
add modern BBcode easytoolbar ( see )
improve many themes
signature only once per user/topic
added online/offline icons
add multi-quote support ( see )
add forum cleanup plugin
add user merge plugin
add punbb shell plugin
add backup plugin
add user management plugin
1.25 Sat Nov 29 05:54:21 CET 2008
Code cleanup
Fix a missing requirement in INSTALL* files
Integrate Image Award mod from
Integrate Attachment mod from
Integrate Another Private Messaging mod from
Integrate greeting message ( french only admin ) from
Integrate security updates from punbb 1.2.20, see
Integrates security updates from punbb 1.2.19 and 1.2.18, see
Helper page for post install ( install_mods_MyBestBB.php )
Adding a Release Script
Beginning Spanish translation
adding items in todo, install, readme, htaccess and documentation
bugfix in movepost addon
better XHTML valid templates
better english translation for addons
Includes punbb 1.2.17 security updates from
Default reputation MP lenght is now 400
Fixing admin_ranks parese error
Added missing install_mod_RateTopic.php in INSTALL_mybestBB.txt
Fixed a small bug with url rewriting, see
Applying punbb 1.2.16 security updates, see and
Fixing paginate bug, see
Small fixes
Fixing active topics bug ( pun_include problem see )
Adding themes
Better error message for people who have installed mybestbb without installing mods
Hdiff here :
Security update from punbb 1.2.14 to 1.2.15
( see
hdiff here :
Added RateTopic mod
Added many themes
Added sitemap generator
Added Style_installer
Added Easy Extra Profile Fields
Fixed many conflicting mods integration with rating
topics list in viewforum.php now lists topics ORDER BY sticky AND rating
adds the list tag ( see extras/extras/List%20BBCode%20Readme.txt for syntax )
adds the noparse tag ( see
and )
new plugins Added : please launch install_mod_EPF.php and install_mod_RateTopic.php on update to 1.19
punbb 1.2.14 security updates ( + faster search tweak )
Fixed supported punbb versions in install*.php for mods install
Fixed rss feed ( #pxxx )
Fixed reputation code XHTML validation problems
fixe CrystalBlue theme #brdfooter width
security updates
minor improvements ( XHTML validity, themes . . . )
adding a htaccess example for boards in subdirectory ( htaccess_for_subdirectory.txt )
removing the confirm_referrer('viewtopic.php'); function form moderate.php
security updates
minor improvements ( XHTML validity, themes . . . )
-> forum now lists subforums in viewforum.php
-> more themes
-> more XHTML 1.0 compliance ( validity should even be perfect ;)
-> Added <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Subscribe RSS FEED" href="/rss.php" /> to main.tpl
-> Every public page _should_ now be valid
-> better XHTML compliance for admin and plugins pages
-> better rewrite index.php and viewforum.php
-> now shows last post data in viewforum.php for current topics
-> Added a rewrite rule for /last -> /search.php?action=show_new
-> Added reputation
-> Added chatbox
-> Added dc:creator in rss feed
-> now defaults to utf-8 encoding
-> modified and improved themes
-> modified mail.tpl
-> Fixed a group security problem ( )
-> Added /wormstats ( )