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A PHP Script to Push Items of an RSS feed to Twitter


* It uses OAuth for authentication. You need the pecl/oauth extension for that. Maybe someone could port it to use PHP Userland OAuth
* It can handle more than one RSS feed
* Configuration is via a YAML file (uses sfYaml) 
* It can push updates to Prowl
* It has a customizable URL Shortener (defaults to
* Also has a very basic Pubsubhubbub Subscriber for immediate updates.
* It is Open Source (Apache Software Licensed) and available at Github

 rss2twi is supporting the following url shorteners : 
* gwgd   ( )
* isgd   ( )
* liipto ( )

To use it, you first have to get the oAuth Tokens. For that you call the getOAuthToken.php file from a command line and do what it tells you to do (basically to approve the App with Twitter). You add those lines to conf/feeds.yml and then just call "rss2twitter.php" to send your RSS items to Twitter. There are more options for feeds.yml, they are described in feeds.yml-dist. You can also define the defaults in conf/defaults.yml and add more than one feed.

If you want to act as a Pubsubhubbub Subscriber you need to adjust and use "subscribe.php" and "callback.php".




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