WMBIND is an application for managing DNS zones for BIND9 via the web.
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Readme file for WMBIND (Web Management for BIND)

* What is WMBIND?

        WMBIND is a fork of the popular WMBIND project, which is a project for people
        who want to administer their BIND9 DNS server(s) from a web interface,
        and delegate zones to users.

* What makes WMBIND better than SMBIND?
        No change has been done to SMBIND since the start of 2007, and because of this
        SMBIND amongst other things uses a deprecate PHP module. WMBIND does also feature stronger 
        security when it comes to storing user passwords (if not running in compability mode).

        The biggest reason i created this project is because the SMBIND code is a bit 
        messy (no offence), so it was hard to make fast changes to the code. WMBIND is coded 
        following the MVC-paradigm, forcing good separation of business logic and the templates.
        This also makes the code easier to navigate and change.

        WMBIND does also feature many other small improvements.

* Why use WMBIND versus the 250 other web-based BIND management softwares on SourceForge?

        WMBIND is 100% PHP, with no dependency on any other language.
        It also features error checking using bind's built-in named-checkconf and
        named-checkzone binaries, removing single records that do not pass their criteria,
        and writing only the valid records to the zone files.

* Does WMBIND use cron, like the 250 other web-based BIND management softwares on SourceForge?

        No way. Changes are committed out of the database on-the-fly, on-demand from the
        web interface. Changes are instant, so there's no waiting around for cron to kick in.
        Changes to the zone data are applied without bringing BIND down, through the use of
        "rndc reload". This means changes can be applied while BIND is "hot".

* Where did the template come from

        The template came from a guy called Jason Murray Cole (http://jason-cole.com/).