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Support for encoded Quake Live pk3 archives in 7-zip.

Note that Quake Live has changed its pk3 format and no longer encodes the archive; as with Quake 3, the Quake Live pk3 files are now just zip archives with a different extension. This utility is now only useful if for some reason you need to open an encoded pk3 from the old version of Quake Live.

Based on the 7-zip 9.20 codebase. See 7-zip.org for anything not specifically related to pk3 files.

Included in this release are deliverables which mimic the content of the equivalent 7-zip 9.20 deliverables:

  • 7z920pk3-x64.msi : Full 7-zip-pk3 installer for 64-bit Windows.
  • 7z920pk3.msi : Full 7-zip-pk3 installer for 32-bit Windows.
  • 7za920pk3.zip : Only the standalone console utility. Works in 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

If you're going to use the full installer, be sure to get the appropriate one for your Windows flavor. The 7-zip File Manager can integrate with Windows Explorer features (file associations and context menu), so the 32-bit/64-bit distinction does matter.

Note that if you want to use the File Manager's options menu to change file associations or add/remove options in the Windows Explorer context menu, then you need to have launched File Manager as administrator.

If you already have some version of 7-zip installed, and you run one of these installers:

The installer should remove any existing version of 7-zip (from version 4.38 and later) that you currently have installed, before it installs this new version. However if the installer claims that it can't proceed because Windows Explorer is currently using a file, then you will need to exit the installer and explicitly uninstall your current version of 7-zip before installing this version. This conflict/issue is a general problem with the 7-zip installer that I haven't solved.

Changes from v1.0 to v1.1:

  • Disabled the option to split into volumes, when creating a pk3 archive.
  • Removed modules from 7zFM.exe that were duplicating functionality in 7z.dll. Practical results for users:
    • The 7zFM.exe file is smaller.
    • When you are creating an archive from the File Manager's context menu (as opposed to from the Windows Explorer menu), the menu of format options will no longer have duplicate entries.