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Quick docs on building and testing

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Zart is a new JavaScript library for managing information on a web page. It is based on existing VIE and VIE^2 libraries.
+## Development
+Zart development is coordinated in IKS's [GitHub account]( To contribute, just fork the repository and send pull requests. Contributions that include their own unit tests appreciated!
+Zart source code is inside the `src` directory. Each separate unit of functionality should be handled in its own file, with the `src/Zart.js` being the entry point to the system.
+Zart is licensed under the MIT license.
+## Building Zart
+The Zart library consists of many individual pieces that we merge together in the build process. You'll need [Apache Ant]( Then just run:
+ $ ant
+The built Zart library will appear in the `dist` folder.
+## Running unit tests
+Direct your browser to the `test/index.html` file to run Zart's [QUnit]( tests.

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