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NeoWX Material

The most versatile and modern weewx skin

You want a modern UI for your weather station and its archive?

Including translation, customization, great appearance on tablets and smartphones, and even a dark mode?

Then this skin is the one you're looking for!

This is the new version of the famous NeoWX (based on Sofaskin), including a modern Material Design UI, full weather data archive, and many more new features.

Key features

  • beautiful Material Design
  • many color schemes to choose from
  • interactive and zoomable charts
  • wind direction + speed visualization as a wind rose
  • accessible HTML + NOAA TXT file archive for all years and months
  • easy translation - provides many languages out of the box! (or add your own translation)
  • auto dark mode - works great on mobile and desktop
  • responsive design - optimized for modern tablets and smartphones
  • support for all available sensors
  • many options to customize your reports even more - have a look at the skin.conf
  • ...and much more!

Learn more about all features on our project page: NeoWX Material | Neoground Projects.


See the official documentation for more information.

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Install the extension: wee_extension --install=path/to/
  3. restart weewx: sudo service weewx restart

If your skin doesn't change edit the weewx.conf and set skin = neowx-material in the [StdReport] section, after that reload weewx: sudo service weewx reload.

This skin works best with the python ephem module installed (needed for the almanac). Install pyephem via pip, or the python3-ephem package via package manager.


Feel free to add your own improvements. Contributions are always welcome!

Our previous skin, NeoWX, was used all over the world in many countries. We hope that this skin will do the same. Please consider translating our skin in your language.

If you want to provide any improvements, feel free to create a pull request. We use Gitmoji commit messages.


Setting up the development environment is easy:

  • clone / download repository
  • install npm packages (yarn install / npm install)
  • for easy testing create a symlink from your WEEWX_HOME/skins/neowx-material to the src directory

For basic tasks npm / yarn scripts are available.

Styling is done via SCSS, compile it to css/style.css by: yarn run build-css.

Available scripts

Script Description
build-css Create css/style.css from SCSS files
build-minify-css Create minified css/style.min.css from SCSS files
cleanup-build Remove development files from dist directory
copy-directories Copy directories from src to dist (for building)
copy-files Copy files from src to dist (for building)
delete-build Remove files inside dist/skins/neowx-material
build Build job: delete-build, build-minify-css, copy files + dirs, cleanup
create-zip Creates a zip file of the dist directory. Use this after build


To create a dist package run yarn run build. This will clean up the dist environment and copy all files, directories and create the minified CSS.

You find the final skin at dist/skins/neowx-material. Create a zip-file of the dist directory to create the final package which you can easily install with wee_extension.

You may need to adjust the values if you add / change file names. In this case you may also need to adjust the dist/ script which contains a list of all files which should be copied to the weewx skin directory on installation.

Building is currently only supported on linux systems due to system commands used in the npm scripts. On other systems this needs to be adjusted or done manually.

Thank You!

This config and some parts of the skin are based on the template code
of the original "Standard" skin of weewx. Many thanks to Tom Keffer and
the weewx contributors. One of the best solutions for your weather station under linux!

The design is based on Material Design for Bootstrap (MDB) Free.

The NOAA reports, and some parts of the configuration are based on the Standard weewx skin as well.

These 3rd party libraries are used:


Revamp WeeWX with Neowx-Material, a modern Material Design skin offering a sleek, responsive UI, captivating graphs & advanced features.







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