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Neo SDK: Node.js


Neo SDK for Node.js with some additional libraries to support the development of Neo Sentinels (NSX).


  • Neotask: A Neotask is a job / task processed or created by so called Sentinels.
  • Sentinel: Fancy name for a worker consuming / producing Neotasks. They are usually not that evil.
  • Particle: All tasks / messages / responses flowing through the Neo internals are generalized as „particles“. Particles can be the payload for tasks, the response to the Neo client or just some metadata. Particles have to be objects.


yarn add @neohelden/node


const neotask = require('@neohelden/node').task

// processing tasks requires a queue name
// the particle will be passed to the provided processor
// the "processor" can then return a promise
neotask.process('', function (particle) {
  return { reply: { string: 'Hi there, how are you today?' } }

// Using a function instead of an arrow function expression enables you to use "scoped helpers"
// like e.g. preconfigured i18n (scoped for the respective particle)
// more scoped helpers will be added in future releases
neotask.process('', function (particle) {
  let translation = this.__('hello world')
  return { reply: { string: translation } }

// the task / message can contain anything
// for best compatibility it should be a particle
neotask.create('', {
  foo: 'bar'

// create new connection to the NATS

// closing connection to the NATS


Tasks can run into timeouts if they are not being processed in a specific timeframe. The default value is defined as TASK_TIMEOUT=8000 (8s). But you can overwrite the timeout in the optional opts parameter:

neotask.create('', {
  foo: 'bar'
}, { timeout: 3000 }) // sets the timeout for this task to 3s

Logging (optional)

Module for logging information (based on Winston).

const logger = require('@neohelden/node').log'Neo informs.')
logger.warn('Neo warns.')
logger.error('aaaah, houston?')

i18n (optional)

Module for Internationalization (based on i18n). Translations should be placed in the root folder under /locales.

const i18n = require('@neohelden/node').i18n

// to simplify scoping and prevent polluting the global namespace,
// i18n allows you to register the i18n functions to an object
let foobar = {}

foobar.__('hello world')

// you can set the locale explicitly by specifiying "this.locale"
let fixed_locale = {
  locale: 'de-DE'
fixed_locale.__('hello world') // would result in "hallo welt"

HTTP requests via Got

Got is a human-friendly and powerful HTTP request library.

const got = require('@neohelden/node').got;

// got is the same as the official got, but with JSON mode enabled by default
const response = await got('');

Sentry (Exception logging)

const sentry = require('@neohelden/node').sentry

// You can use .up() to initialize Sentry
// Most parameters will be filled out by default
// e.g. WORKSPACE will be taken from the ENV
//      or release will be taken from the parent package
  release: 'v0.1.0'
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