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a general purpose game server for html5 javascript-based multiplayer games
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Game Server for General Multiplayer Games

The idea of the game engine is that it is general enough to handle all multiplayer games. We also include the framework necessary to

The game server is authoritative and does a couple of things

  1. manage rooms
  2. stores authoritative game states
  3. central repo for events fired by clients
  4. stores generic user sign-in information
  5. manages user-side shopping

Things to note

  1. Communication must all be done in json
  2. Database backend handled by mongodb
  3. webserver technology handled by express

How to get up to speed to be able to use this

  1. install nodejs
  2. install npm (node package manager)
  3. install mongodb
  4. sudo npm install express mongoose jade less expresso hiredis redis
  5. install redis
  6. install tcl

Alireza Notes

  1. Letter of incorporation
  2. Cap table
  3. team bio
  4. latest presentation
  5. executive summary
  6. lawyer info
  7. stock purchase agreement
  8. simpler payment
  9. crowdsource products
  10. alii .tv

Netscape notes

  1. Find someone who is already using my software choice for what I'm doing
  2. Check activity for platform
  3. Get diseases that everyone gets

Voyager Notes

  1. Demographics v. Geographic
  2. Narrow v. Wide (how to travel the graph) | | | xB | xxB | | | | D |________|__________ | | | | 0x | | | | |________|__________ Geo

Alireza Meeting notes

  1. Road map (advisor open positions and people we need to hire)
  2. executive summary
  3. 3 min pitch deck
  4. Logo
  5. My pictures
  6. Testimonial
  7. ONe liner about the company
  8. Form for expo + attachments
  9. SPA
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