node js server side qr code generator utilizing node-canvas
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This is a node js server side QR code / 2d barcode generator. it is an extension of "QRCode for JavaScript" which Kazuhiko Arase thankfully mit licensed

the qrcode-draw.js can be used directly as a client side lib if its appended too or included with lib/qrcode.js to use this on the server side please require('qrcode'); =)

this libary can encode a string up to lengths: 2953 in error correct level L 2331 in error correct level M 1663 in error correct level Q 1273 in error correct level h

the default is H. It can now be changed in an ugly way that wont be supported for more then another few days if you really need to. also the default module size at qr version 40 is really too small for the camera on my Nexus 1 and to make it larger i run out of screen to show it. At 40 the barcode scanner even finds random UPC 1d barcodes in the mass of little squares. the default module size cannot be changed through the public api at this time.


npm install qrcode


	returns node canvas object see for all of the cool node things you can do
	look up the canvas api for the other cool things

	returns mime image/png data url for the 2d barcode,text,cb(error,written));
	saves png to the path specified returns bytes written


simple test

var sys = require('sys');
var QRCode = require('qrcode');

QRCode.toDataURL('i am a pony!',function(err,url){

in bash

node ./tests/url.js

for server use: see tests/server.js

for client side use: open tests/clientside.html in your browser or run tests/clientsideserver.js yes, it really works in the browser. new browsers but yeah it works. for bad ones perhaps try excanvas?


these should be taken care of for you by npm but you should

npm install canvas

if cairo gives you trouble and you cannot install canvas checkout the canvas site i know tj has setup a way to download and install a version of cairo/pixman for testing.

The word "QR Code" is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED