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NeoCmd is a console application that is able to executes scripts.

Type in the lua code that you want to execute. If you let one line blank, that code will be executed.

Start the line with a colon to execute a command, like `:q' for exit.


Command Description
:q Exit the application.
:h Show the command list.
:list Lists all global variables.
:load Loads the lua-script from a file.
:debugoff Tell the compiler to emit no debug informations.
:debugon Let the compiler emit debug informations.
:debugtracLet the compiler emit trace line functionality.
:c Clears the current script buffer.
:env Create a fresh environment.
:cache Shows the content of the binder cache.

Command line

It is possible to load a script during start up.

NeoCmd.exe [-debugoff | -debugon | -debugtrace ] [Scriptfile] ...