Android launcher
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  • NOTICE This is based of ADW.Launcher open source.

  • NOTICE To add/remove screens press MENU/Edit.


  • REMEMBER You can hide apps from the drawer by using the custom catalogs (press menu key while the drawer is open).


Tested on:

  • I9000 CM9-alpha

  • I5500 CM7.1 Galaxy 5 1.2

  • SE X8 CM7.1

  • Amazon Kindle Fire Stock 6.2.2 (GB 2.3.5)

  • ICS 4.0.3 emulator


Version 0.2/RC1(future release)(broken build see branch)

  • Backporting ICS style homescreen folders
  • Brand new Customize screen


Version 0.1.2(unreleased):

  • Partial fix for the Kindle Fire (no more FC but no wallpaper support and homescreen ghosting)

Version 0.1.1:

  • Fixed the bug that caused the desktop dots to show when using the 5 item dock

  • Fixed the bug that occurred when trying to drag a shortcut out of the app drawer and the drawer would not close

Version 0.1.0:

  • Cleaned up redundant resource entries and graphic elements

  • Fixed a FC that appeared when adding/launching a launcher action from the dock

Version 0.0.9b:

  • Removed the "Hidden Dockbar

(sorry if you used it :( but it was impacting performance)

Version 0.0.9:

  • Alterations to some of the graphic resources

  • First public testing version

  • Removed some things I decided not to support

  • Small fixes for some FCs

Version 0.0.8:

  • Initial release to testers

END Changelog

I would like to thank the team behind ADW.Launcher them for the great work they did and for making it open source.

I would also like to thank every one who has chosen to use Drake.