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A color theme for emacs based on Textmate's Sunburst color scheme

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Emacs 'Sunburst' deftheme

sunburst-theme.el is a Emacs 24 deftheme that resembles Textmate's 'sunburst' theme.

Support Modes

In additional to themeing base-Emacs elements and font-locks faces, sunburst-theme.el supports the following modes:

  • nxml
  • erc
  • jabber.el
  • magit
  • highline
  • multimode


  1. mkdir ~/.emacs.d/themes
  2. (add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes")
  3. (load-theme 'sunburst t)


The colors of sunburst-theme.el are derived from a color-theme.el theme created by someone identifying themselves as 'dngpng'. References to it can be found here. The source can be found here.


Since I didn't originally create this color-theme, I assert no copyright about the code that I add to it.

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