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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Better NLP: Better NLP

NLP Java: NLP Java | NLP Clojure: NLP Clojure | NLP Kotlin: NLP Kotlin | NLP Scala: NLP Scala |
NLP using DL4J (cuda): NLP using DL4J (cuda)


See General


See Java/JVM

Courses, Tutorial, Learning resource

See Course, Tutorial, Learning resource


Library, Framework, Models, Tools, Services

See Library, Framework, Models, Tools, Services

Metaphor detection

See Metaphor detection

Sentiment analysis

See Sentiment analysis



Unstructured to structured data

Summarise text

See Summarise text


Contributions are very welcome, please share back with the wider community (and get credited for it)!

Please have a look at the CONTRIBUTING guidelines, also have a read about our licensing policy.

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