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Building JVMCI for JDK8, Graal & Truffle


Platforms & OSes

The scripts in this folder support x86_64 architecture and can be used both on both Linux and MacOS operating systems.

Tooling and dependencies

  • build-essentials
    • for Linux - (whatever version comes with the distro)
    • for MacOS - xcode 4.9.1 or higher
  • make
    • for Linux - version 3.82
    • for MacOS - version 3.81
    • has been provided, amend where necessary before running
  • Docker (to use the script)
  • JDK 1.8 (build 141 or higher)


  • building of graal-jvmci-8 have known to fail if the above versions are not met
  • best to try out the script in case fails for you in Linux
  • in case fails on the MacOS, please let us know via the graal-dev mailing list

Native build

The script provided here will clone the respective dependencies to build JVMCI for JDK8, Graal, and Truffle for JDK8.

Ensure JAVA_HOME should point to the latest version of JDK8 (build 144 or higher).

Run the below command to start with the building process:


if you wish to save the stdout and stderr log messages during the build to a file:

./ &> lastBuildOutput.logs

To check for consistency of the build script, run the above build command more than once.

Expected messages at the end of a successful build:

Archiving GRAAL_MANAGEMENT... [dependency updated]
Compiling with javac-daemon(JDK 1.8)... [dependency TRUFFLE_DSL_PROCESSOR updated]
Compiling org.graalvm.compiler.truffle.test with javac-daemon(JDK 1.8)... [dependency GRAAL_NODEINFO_PROCESSOR updated]
Compiling with javac-daemon(JDK 1.8)... [dependency TRUFFLE_DSL_PROCESSOR updated]
Archiving TRUFFLE_PROFILER_TEST... [dependency updated]
Archiving TRUFFLE_TEST... [dependency updated]
Archiving GRAAL_TEST... [dependency org.graalvm.compiler.api.test updated]
Compiling with javac-daemon(JDK 1.8)... [dependency TRUFFLE_DSL_PROCESSOR updated]
Archiving CHROMEINSPECTOR_TEST... [dependency updated]
Archiving GRAAL_COMPILER_WHITEBOX_MICRO_BENCHMARKS... [dependency org.graalvm.compiler.virtual.bench updated]
Creating /home/graal/jdk8-with-graal from /home/graal/graal-jvmci-8/openjdk1.8.0-adoptopenjdk/linux-amd64/product
Copying /home/graal/graal/compiler/mxbuild/dists/graal.jar to /home/graal/jdk8-with-graal/jre/lib/jvmci
Copying /home/graal/graal/compiler/mxbuild/dists/graal-management.jar to /home/graal/jdk8-with-graal/jre/lib/jvmci
Copying /home/graal/graal/sdk/mxbuild/dists/graal-sdk.jar to /home/graal/jdk8-with-graal/jre/lib/boot
Copying /home/graal/graal/truffle/mxbuild/dists/truffle-api.jar to /home/graal/jdk8-with-graal/jre/lib/truffle

>>> All good, now pick your JDK from /home/graal/jdk8-with-graal :-)

Creating Archive and SHA of the newly JDK8 with Graal & Truffle at /home/graal/jdk8-with-graal
Creating Archive jdk8-with-graal.tar.gz
Creating a sha5 hash from jdk8-with-graal.tar.gz
jdk8-with-graal.tar.gz and jdk8-with-graal.tar.gz.sha256sum.txt have been successfully created in the /home/graal/output folder.

See build logs alongside the script in this folder.

Clean up folders created by native image building:

Docker build

Run the below command to start with the building process in a Docker container:

  • The build logs are written to the jdk8-with-graal-docker/docker-build.logs log file:
tail -f jdk8-with-graal-docker/docker-build.logs
[<ENV VARIABLE>="<value>"]* ./

*one of more environment variables

DEBUG=true HOST_REPOS_DIR="/path/on/the/host" ./


DEBUG=true HOST_REPOS_DIR="/path/on/the/host" [other env variables] ./
  • All the known environment variables that can be used when running the above script:
Name Default Description
DEBUG to run the container in DEBUG mode
HOST_REPOS_DIR /home/graal/ (inside the container) a new location on the host to map all the source and dependent repos used to build Graal/GraalVM/Truffle
JDK_BASE_IMAGE openjdk8 name of the JDK image (from Adopt OpenJDK build farm or another source)
JDK_TAG_NAME jdk8u212-b03 the tag name of the the image
USER_IN_CONTAINER graal name of the user in the container (when in debug or non-debug mode)
HOST_REPOS_DIR location on the host machine to map all the Graal/GraalVM/Truffle source and dependent repos, this is usually done inside the container

Docker image & container

If you examine the Dockerfile script, you will see the docker image is inherited from adoptopenjdk/openjdk8:latest available from the docker user Adopt OpenJDK on Docker hub.

The script also internally calls, this script can also be run in the native environment. It takes the version numbers of the program as a command-line parameter.

Remove unused containers and images:


Push docker image to Docker hub

USER_NAME environment variable needs setting otherwise the default value will be taken:

USER_NAME=someuser ./

Password will be asked before it proceeds with uploading the layers.


Contributions are very welcome, please share back with the wider community (and get credited for it)!

Please have a look at the CONTRIBUTING guidelines, also have a read about our licensing policy.

Looking forward to your pull request.

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