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Work for Management 353/450/452
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Created DemeritsWebApplication folder with solution and pages....curr…

…ently Demerits page can retrieve data from Data Layer
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Dan Hypes daneer86 authored



DEFAULT BRANCH: master blueprint_Demerits

  1. HTML
    1. Remove Comment page
    2. Add Demerit page for individual demerits
    3. Recode comment feature onto Demerit page
    4. Add sparkline/bar chart on Logged in HomePage for Student’s Demerits over time
  2. CSS
    1. Start incorporating Blueprint CSS classes
    2. Make things pretty
  3. C#
    1. TBA
  4. XML
    1. Provide an RSS feed, per student, to the parents
  5. DOC
    1. Update Use Case doc to accurately represent stuff
    2. Include Demerits ERD.vsd [ Possible database config ] Lies, included ERM instead
    3. Fix End Of Term errors
  6. SQL
    1. Code database structure
    2. Normalize, etc., said database
    3. Create DB dump to run Demerits locally
    4. Make it work, for the love of toast.
  7. OTHER
    1. Get group to fork
  8. Future Thoughts
    1. NA
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